12th March: Spring Workshop. Wiring coniferous. Repotting trees.

9th April: Guest speaker? (TBC).

14th May: Workshop. Preparing for Show, Repotting (conifers). Taking cuttings. Wiring.

10th June: Club Show at Herstmonceux Village Hall.

11th June: Workshop. Leaf pruning, trimming, air-layering.

7th & 8th July: Chichester Bonsai Show, our club will be showing.

9th July: Dave Penny – Demo root over rock.

13th August: Workshop. Shaping wiring and Trimming your Trees.

10th September: Paul & Gillian. Demo & Workshop on Making Freeform Pots.

8th October: Shaping a yew tree. (new material) Members ideas.

21st October: Heathrow Bonsai Show, our club will be displaying.

12th November: Workshop. Preparing for winter, winter quarters. Hardwood cuttings.

10th December: 2019 Programme. Tool care. Christmas Snacks. Tree Advice.

All meetings are held at St Mary’s Church Hall at 7:30pm unless otherwise stated.