12th March: Workshop: Repotting and styling (wiring should mainly be on conifers).

9th April: Workshop: Pottery with Paul of Pinecone Ceramics, make your own accent plant / Mame size pots – £3/person to cover clay/firing.

14th May: Workshop: Potting up accent plants or Mame size Bonsai with your new handmade pots (some accents will be supplied, or bring your own). Also tree preparation for the show.

10th June: Club Show at Herstmonceux Village Hall.

11th June: Open evening at Downsview Bonsai.

7th & 8th July: Chichester Bonsai Show, we will be displaying.

9th July: Demonstration by Alan Peacock: Creating a bonsai from Garden Centre Stock.

13th August: Demonstration by Dave Penny: Root on rock style.

10th September: “Styling by Committee” on a yew tree, members jointly making the decisions as work progresses! Also group discussion of the styling or options for any trees that are brought in.

8th October: Workshop: Create your own bonsai from supplied material, there may be a small charge depending on costs.

21st October: Heathrow Bonsai Show, we will be displaying.

12th November: Workshop: Includes preparing your trees for winter.

10th December: Social evening: A look back at the year with a group discussion and feedback on the years activities. Programme for 2019. Mince Pies & sausage rolls, Bonsai quiz.

All meetings are held at St Mary’s Church Hall at 7:30pm unless otherwise stated.